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Connect Who You Are to Work You Love

Do You Need To Do Personally Meaningful Work Or You Suffer?

If you're a purpose-driven coach or Empathic Entrepreneur™, and feel frustrated, tired or unaligned in the business or work you're supposed to love - then you're in the right place!  

Hi! I’m Nicole – Master Soul’s Calling Coach & Facilitator, Master Certified Marketing Consultant, and Personality Psychology Coach.

I’m a 20 year strategic marketing lifer – turned marketing consultant & entrepreneur – turned life, equus & Soul’s Calling Coach (inspiring, energizing & finally loving what I do).

My entire career has been a quest to find my purpose, do something deeply meaningful, & feel happy, energized & inspired around my work.

What I finally realized is that I have a unique personality style - one that doesn't quite fit with the traditional rules around careers, business and marketing (you know, the way everyone says you SHOULD do things). When I really got in touch with who I am, how I'm naturally wired, and how I uniquely work best, I was able to create my own rules - and that's when everything changed. 

That's why today, I mix up all my experiences into my unique genius cauldron to help purpose-driven women like you finally see how amazing you are and begin a next chapter full of meaningful work that's completely aligned with who you are & how you naturally work best. 

My professional background & training includes a BA degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University, along with the completion of multiple coaching programs:

  • Master Soul's Calling Coach (Soul's Calling Academy)
  • Certification in Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace with Wildflower Consulting (ICF Accredited)
  • Wayfinder Life Coach Training (Martha Beck)
  • Certified Equus Coach (The Koelle Institute)
  • Professional Career Coach training (Happen to Your Career)

I am also a Master Certified Marketing Consultant through Duct Tape Marketing, and have completed extensive training in personality psychology, including Profiler Training with Personality Hacker (certification in progress), specialized workshops with Dr. Dario Nardi, Essential Motivator and Cognitive Dynamics training with Linda Berens/Interstrength Institute, and am a pending Certified Sparketypes Facilitator. 

Prior to my entrepreneurial career as a coach & consultant, I spent 16 years in the corporate world as a marketing executive & recruiter with high technology firms, and in curriculum design and training with post secondary institutions.

I left the corporate marketing world to found and run my own marketing consulting & coaching business for five years, where I supported small & mid sized business owners across the technology, education, and professional services fields in creating sustainable marketing strategies & systems. 

Today, I run my own coaching company, partner with Bev Barnes and The Soul’s Calling Academy to offer courses, retreats and Soul’s Calling Coach & Facilitator Training, and was an instructor & team lead for Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training.

How To Work With Me:

I help purpose-driven women & small business owners connect who they are to what they love to do in three main areas:

I also partner with The Soul's Calling Academy & Bev Barnes to deliver Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator Training and help women & new coaches unlock their unique genius:

And, finally, I partner with Meagan English Coaching to offer Authentic Leadership training for professional women and coaches: