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Are You Stuck & Frustrated in the Work You're SUPPOSED to Love?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely spent most of your career trying to fit yourself in to the traditional corporate mold or the career everyone tells you is amazing, and become the person you think you “should” be at work or in your business. But it's no longer working.

And now, the career or business you’ve invested so much in feels like it's slowly sucking the life out of you.
Worse, you can’t see an escape route because you're telling yourself you should be happy, you should love this career or business that others would feel so lucky to have. You feel trapped & paralyzed because you don’t know exactly what’s wrong or what to do next.

You've likely asked yourself... Why can't I be happy? Why can't I feel successful just like my colleagues & friends? Why don't I feel lucky & fulfilled in this career that my family is SO proud of?

I’m here to tell you that there’s a reason why you can't force yourself to be happy in that career or business niche that sounds SO GREAT on paper (no matter HOW hard you try). There's a reason why traditional ways of working - just don't work for YOU. 

If you’re an empathic woman, and have a passionate and intuitive personality style, having a career everyone thinks you should have is not enough. And working the same way as everyone else simply doesn’t work.

Why? Because more than money or material success, you need to love what you do, follow your passion & purpose, and do things your own way. A way that feels right, authentic & energizing for who you are.

So if you feel like you “should” love your job, "must" run & market your business a certain way, or “should” be happy with your career but aren’t. And if you secretly long to just be yourself & do things your way, but don’t feel like you can because something about who you are or how you work is “different”, “wrong” or “flawed”, I can help.

Love What You Do Again Coaching & Courses

to connect who you are to what you love to do:

Love Your Career 

For Intuitive Women & Aspiring Coaches

Have you spent most of your  life trying to fit yourself into the career you thought you "should" want - but it's no longer working?

If the career path you've invested SO much in now feels like a deep dark hole that's slowly sucking the life out of you, I can help. 

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Love Your Business

For Purpose-Driven Coaches & Entrepreneurs

Are you frustrated & tired in your business & marketing? Have you accidentally created a business that feels more like your old soul-sucking job?

I can help you get back on track and work more in line with who you are and how you naturally work best.  

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Love Your Marketing

For Meaning-Driven Business Owners

Do you want to learn a best practices marketing system that is authentic, aligned and matches your unique values and ways of working?

As both a Master Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience - and a Master Certified Soul's Calling Coach, I can help.

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I Can Help You Love What You Do Again

By connecting who you are to everything you do... 

Hi! I'm Nicole
- Master Soul's Calling Coach & Facilitator, Certified Equus Coach, Master Certified Marketing Consultant, Coach Trainer, and trained Personality Profiler. 

And I help intuitive women, purpose-driven women, coaches & Empathic Entrepreneurs™ like you finally do WHAT you love in a WAY you love – by aligning every aspect of your work, business or marketing around who you are & how you naturally work best. 

I know, because I’m an intuitive woman just like you. In fact, I’ve spent my 20 year career searching for my purpose, and learning how to “fix” my work by connecting who I am to everything I do – whether it was my marketing job, consulting business, or coaching career.

What I’ve learned is that the key to meaningful career or business you love – is aligning every aspect of work with who you are, your unique gifts & genius, and how you naturally work best.

Why? Because when you connect who you are to your work, your business & your marketing, you’re passionate, energized, inspired, motivated and more likely to apply for that amazing contract, promote your business and move past challenges and set-backs. 

On the other hand, when you design & run your business based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle, you’re less likely to talk about & market your business, and it’s much easier to give up when the going gets rough.

So if you're an intuitive woman and are frustrated & tired in this business or work you're supposed to love - I can help! 

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My new Love Your Business Quick Start course walks you through what you REALLY need to do in your first year after coach training (and it's not what you think). 

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